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The best training in Regina. Hands-on, instructor-led, with small class sizes. We prepare you for the real world.

About Us
With unlimited after-class support, we've got your back long term.

Increase your Productivity

Getting more accomplished with less effort—that’s a very important goal for most of our clients. We encourage them to monitor and measure the results of our training. Increasing productivity is a key metric for us in every course we teach and every student we meet.

Upgrade your skill set

Giving people the means to upgrade their skills is one of the smartest things an organization can do. Learning new skills in graphics software or in project management, for example, can present you with an exciting new career path not to mention a real sense of accomplishment.

Training Calgary People

Training ROI Conservatively, one hour of classroom instruction is worth 3 to 4 hours of self-study. After deducting the cost of a course and the time spent in class (at $30 per hour to include salary and employer overhead)—and allowing for a very modest productivity gain of 20%—our courses result in an annual Return On Investment of 1301%. That’s not peanuts!