Illustrator 101 Advanced Illustrator Production + Packaging

Adobe Illustrator has always been a reliable, capable product and its relatively gentle learning curve lets users realize their ideas quickly and easily. Illustrator has set the standard for vector graphic production in both print and the web for years. We’ll teach you how to use its array of powerful tools.

Illustrator 101 2 days | $795 + HST

Illustrator is an incredibly powerful application with a TON of unique features. So many, in fact, that it's impossible to teach them all in one course. So you'll focus on the most important features - the ones you'll need and the ones you'll use everyday. After this workshop, you can start using the application to create logos, illustrations, floorplans, posters, and banners with complete confidence. Prerequisite: familiarity with computer/mouse and proficiency in at least one software application.

Advanced Illustrator 1 day | $475 + HST

This course teaches techniques that will make you work faster and smarter. This course includes instruction and practice on all the advanced features that make it much easier to create illustrations, graphs, 3D comps, info graphics, floor plans, fashion templates, or architectural elevations. Prerequisite: Illustrator 101 or equivalent experience.

Illustrator for Production + Packaging 1 day | $475 + GST

This course is designed for advanced users who wish to use Illustrator for prepress and packaging production.

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Illustrator 101 - 2 days

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Advanced Illustrator - 1 day

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production and packaging 1 day

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