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Learning how to create a compelling presentation is not rocket science. In fact, in one day, you can learn how to create meaningful content, to prepare effectively, and to design slides that support your message beautifully. Standing up in front of an audience is hard enough without worrying that your slides make you look amateurish. In this series of workshops, students learn everything they need to create memorable presentations.

Effective Presentation Design 1 day | $575 + HST

Unfortunately, good software alone does not make for good presentation design. Nor does being a techno-wiz. This workshop will teach you how to plan and create superior presentations, with tips on effective design, information flow, and timing. In this course you will learn that, having prepared well, you can actually have fun delivering your presentations.

Keynote 1 day | $475 + HST

Keynote began as a software program for Steve Jobs to use in his presentations. Creating content in Keynote is wonderfully easy once you learn the steps.

PowerPoint 1 day | $475 + HST

Microsoft PowerPoint is widely used by businesspeople, educators, and trainers. According to Microsoft, 30 million presentations are made with PowerPoint every day.

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Free After-Class Support

We provide free after-class support by phone or email for every student.

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Class Schedules

Classes run from 9am to 4pm daily with a one-hour break for lunch.

For 3 or more people, on-site training can be arranged.

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