Dreamweaver for Beginners

This course provides you with the information and hands-on practice you need to build and manage professional websites. At the end of each course you will be completely comfortable using Dreamweaver to build small sites and to edit existing larger sites.

Dreamweaver 3 days | $1,150 + HST

This course is designed for people who want to get started with Dreamweaver. We cover all the basics plus CSS, providing you with a solid foundation and lots of practice so you will be comfortable building your own site. Prerequisite: familiarity with computer/mouse and proficiency in at least one software application.

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Free After-Class Support

We provide free after-class support by phone or email for every student.

To learn more about this or any other part of our training, call us toll free at 1-888-922-1132 or email: info@trainingregina.com

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Where to Find Us

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Class Schedules

Classes run from 9am to 4pm daily with a one-hour break for lunch.

For 3 or more people, on-site training can be arranged.

Dreamweaver for Beginners - 3 Days

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